So Pastor, What’s Your Point?

“Just because a sermon has points, doesn’t mean it’s got a point.

One of the best preaching books I’ve read in the last decade is Dennis Prutow’s So Pastor, What’s Your Point? If someone like Tim Keller or Don Carson had written it, it would be a bestseller.” – David Murray,

Seven years ago the Alliance published So Pastor, What’s Your Point?, Dennis Prutow’s highly acclaimed book on preaching.  We’d like to offer this text to you this Pastor Appreciation Month at a discounted price for the future pastor or seasoned pastor in your life. 

The sermon preparation procedure outlined in this volume will: 

  • Help point a pastor to the main point of his text. 
  • See the importance of a solid and succinct sermon point applying God’s truth. 
  • Understand how a solid sermon point and sequential outline give focus, unity, and purpose to your explanations, illustrations, applications.
  • Grasp how outlines should unfold the text and lead both the pastor and the congregation into the application of God’s truth. 
  • Learn that force in preaching is born of solid preparation, passion, body language, and eye contact. 
  • Begin to discern God’s active application of His covenant Word to His covenant people.

Dr. Prutow developed this procedure through years of preaching. The vital principles taught here will be invaluable for those who not only preach, but also teach God’s Word in various venues. This book would be an excellent resource for seminary students, Bible teachers, public speakers of all types, as well as a refresher for seasoned pastors. 

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