Policies & Procedures

Parents and guests are welcome to view class at any time, but we ask that you watch from the seating area so students are not distracted. We only ask that you respect the classes by remaining quiet and if you are bringing younger children with you that they watch quietly also. If your younger child is creating a disturbance we ask that you leave the lobby until they have quieted down. Please do not allow your children on the training area.

Your safety is very important to us so please follow all rules regarding safety and conduct both inside and outside the school. If at any time you observe anyone, who is in your opinion, failing to follow the rules, report it to the instructor immediately. If you feel discomfort during an exercise, stop and inform the instructor. Inform the instructor of any injury you may be suffering before class. You will not be expected to do something your injury would prevent you from doing.

Uniforms & T-shirt’s
Traditional student uniforms are white. Students who are members of the Black Belt Club wear a red uniform. Only Black Belts may wear a white uniform with black trim. During Saturday classes in the months of June-August students are allowed to wear a School T-shirt, Tournament/Martial Arts Camp shirt or Martial Arts theme T-shirt with their uniform pants and their belt. Otherwise a complete uniform must be worn at all times. If your top is not silk-screened you will be instructed what to do the next time tops are screened. Pants and tops need to be hemmed to an appropriate length. A    T-shirt may be worn under your uniform. Please label your clothing on the tag in case it is misplaced. Please make sure your uniform has the proper patches, and is clean at all times. White belts may be washed. However, never wash a striped or color belt.

American and Korean flag patches are available for purchase at the office. These patches are required when the students earn their yellow belt but may be obtained earlier. These patches should be sewn on your uniform within 1 week of receiving yellow belt. Only approved patches are allowed on uniforms.

Class Schedule
Lakeshore Tae Kwon Do offers a variety of class times designed for students on each level of training. Your instructor will inform you of the best times for you to attend. However, the schedule is somewhat flexible. From time to time the class schedule may be changed to remain convenient for everyone. You will be informed of any changes that personally affect you.

Sparring Class & Safety Equipment
Sparring class is typically on the first Saturday of the month and more often in the Masters Club Classes. Students may start to learn sparring when reaching their first belt after white Belt (Yellow Stripe).

Safety equipment is required for sparring at tournaments and in class. Please consult the instructor prior to making any purchases outside of the martial arts school. Males must wear a cup at all times whether sparring or not sparring. Sparring gear minimum requirements include head gear, hand gear, foot gear, mouth guard, and supportive cup for males. Gear should be in good repair.


To get the most from your Tae Kwon Do training, regular attendance is important. It is required that students attend class twice a week. Extra practice at home or during free periods at the school are always beneficial. Students who attend less than two times per week will find it difficult to progress toward their goals. Each student will have a class attendance card that corresponds to the level of his or her belt. Please pull the card from the card files before the class starts and bring it with you when lining up to bow in. The instructor will then collect the card and record your attendance on the back. That way we can also check class totals to review each student’s eligibility for tips and graduation.

Class Times
Please refer to your class schedule for class times. Parents dropping off children should do so 10 minutes before class and pick them up within 10 minutes of the end of class. The studio becomes very busy during class times and its difficult to watch unattended children.

Missed Classes
We understand that you may unavoidably miss a class from time to time. Please inform the instructor if you know ahead of time if you are going to miss a class. If you are going to miss several classes due to a vacation or illness, please inform the instructor. Missed classes can be made up if excused. Students are required to attend class two times per week. Also see the Attendance Rules and Policies section of the handbook.

Private Lessons
Private lessons are available for those students who would like to learn at an accelerated rate. They are also an excellent way to brush up on forms or techniques prior to testing. If you have missed some classes, you can use private lessons to get caught up. These lessons are scheduled outside of normal class times at the instructors and your convenience. See your instructor for more details.

Other Activities
Lakeshore Tae Kwon Do sponsors or attends other activities such as tournaments, seminars, or special training classes. Some of these activities are held at the school. Others, like tournaments, are held outside the school or in other cities. While most of these activities are optional, a certain number are required to reach specific belt ranks, and some involve payment of an additional fee. Participation in these events has proven to increase confidence, physical skill, and knowledge. Students who participate in these events reach black belt much faster and generally have a much higher skill level. We also hold a number of other activities of a more social nature including parties, charity fund raisers, and an annual class trip. Your support and participation in these events is critical to their success.

Guest Policy and VIP Program
Lakeshore Tae Kwon Do is a referral based school. You can refer your friends and family and earn credit towards your graduation fees, equipment, and other items through our pro shop. Pick up your VIP passes at the office. This pass is good for a free introductory special for your friends and family. If you would like to bring a guest, please inform your instructor. We are always happy to meet your friends and relatives. Please be certain to introduce your guests to your instructor upon arrival.

Masters Club – Black Belt Club and Advance Black Belt Training
Your most important goal during white & yellow belt training is to qualify for the Lakeshore Tae Kwon Do Black Belt Club. Qualifying is like being accepted to Harvard. Being invited gives recognition to students for their commitment to the black belt attitude and for their striving to reach the ultimate martial arts goal – Black Belt. Membership is by invitation. Students who are inducted into the Lakeshore Tae Kwon Do Black Belt Club will receive a number of special privileges including:

  • A patch and special certificate demonstrating that you have committed to earning your black belt.
  • Special Masters Club uniform and belt.
  • You will be able to attend special Masters Club events and seminars.
  • You will get discounts on special training items.
  • And much more!

Induction into the Lakeshore Tae Kwon Do Black Belt Club will usually take place sometime between your first 6 to 18 months of training.   Focus your goals and develop your attitude early! Lakeshore Tae Kwon Do also offers programs beyond Masters Club. Contact your instructor for more information on the Lakeshore Black Belt Club Masters program.

Lost and Found
If you have left something behind, check the changing area first and then stop by the office to see if we can help you find it. All items will be held for 2 weeks before they are discarded. We can not be responsible for lost items. We strongly suggest you leave valuables at home or lock them in you car before coming to class. Uniforms or equipment are not allowed to be stored in the studio unless you have permission.

Holiday Schedules And Snow Days
We try to close the studio as little as possible; however, from time to time on certain holidays, tests, tournaments and seminars we find it necessary to close. All scheduled closings are announced in our calendar prior to the closing. SNOW DAYS: If the Manitowoc Public school district closes schools or dismisses early, then Lakeshore Tae Kwon Do will be closed. Weather closings will also be posted on our Facebook Group and on our Smart Phone App.

School Visits
Take your instructor to your school. The instructor will arrive at your school and educate your classmates on some ancient history of Martial Arts. You can demonstrate for your classmates, plus have your classmates learn a move. Contact the office for a school visit application. If you are going to be in a talent show, please check with your instructor for approval.

Appearance Standards
Hairstyle and hair coloring for both men and women should be consistent with mainstream conservative professional business dress (Mohawks, rat tails, permanent unusual colors are not allowed). Beards and mustaches are allowed if kept neatly trimmed and consistent with mainstream professional business dress.

Remove all jewelry and watches before class or Tae Kwon Do functions. The only jewelry that may be worn in uniform are a flat Wedding Band with no sharp edges and pierced earring posts as long as they are small and have no loops or dangling pieces (no facial piercings).   Medical ID Jewelry is allowed, but must be approved by the school owners before class participation. School owners may request that Medical ID Jewelry be taped next to the skin for safety while participating in class or tournaments.   No other rings, earrings, piercings, bracelets, necklaces or other jewelry are allowed when in uniform. If you are unsure, it is important to consult your instructor.

Uniforms should be clean and without stains or holes. Students with excessive stains or tears may be required to purchase new uniforms. Patches should be completely attached.

Uniforms should be hemmed to the appropriate length as soon as possible. It is recommended for children’s uniforms that the uniforms be hemmed so that the hem can be let down as the child grows.

How to help us help your child.
Many parents feel that when their child is misbehaving in class or having difficulties learning a new technique or form, the parent has to do something about it–intervene, give advice or pass judgment. Parents who often coach from the sidelines, or admonish their children for what they feel is inadequate performance, believe they are being helpful. Their comments however, can be disruptive to the child’s training as well as to the rest of the class. It can also prove discouraging to the child. Parents can be most helpful by following these guidelines:

  • Keep in mind that progress typically occurs in small increments.
  • Adopt a strategy which focuses on the child’s strengths, complementing the child on things he or she does right.
  • Please hold your comments until class is over, so the child will be less distracted by other things that are going on, and more capable of listening to what you have to say.

How else can you help? Parents need to listen first, say experts. Here are some suggestions:

Don’t criticize:
Your goal is to encourage communication. Nothing stops conversation so completely as criticism.

Don’t compare with others:
There is always someone better; more accomplished, more talented than you are. How would you like to be compared to Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee? Comparing may only weaken your child’s self esteem.

Don’t lessen or exaggerate the problem:
To belittle your child’s feelings may cause him not to confide in you. Making mountains from molehills may erode your child’s self confidence.

Do listen first:
No matter how trivial or overwhelming their problem appears to you. Respect how they see things, They will be more comfortable confiding in you. Make time. We are all learning how to express ourselves, Take time to understand. Encourage your child to ask their instructor. Go to the source. Extra attention from an instructor can “nip frustration in the bud.” ·

Plan ahead:
Remember the 5 P’s — Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance, Plan ahead for your child’s martial arts class. Often if you rush to class after your child has been playing with a friend or taking a nap, they will be reluctant to come. Make sure you or whoever brings them to class starts to prepare them early. Create excitement in them by reminding them earlier in the day that “Today is your Tae Kwon Do class” or something similar. This will make it something they look forward to.

Have realistic expectations:
Don’t expect results over night. Two of the key strategies we follow for student success are: 1.) Take a long term perspective with each student. 2.) Train and teach each student as an individual. The training we provide at our school can have a profound impact on the lives of the students we teach. However, that impact is in direct relation to the dedication to the program. The single most important thing needed to obtain results is regular attendance.

We sincerely appreciate and respect a parents desire to be helpful and supportive of their children’s martial arts training. However, it is important the parents understand that our instructors are in charge of training during class time.

The Parent’s Role
The influence our program can have on your child can benefit them for the rest of their life. Therefore we take very seriously the role we play in your child’s education and work very hard to reinforce the life principles you teach at home. You can help us by doing the following:

  • Communicate to us the benefits you want your child to receive from his or her Tae Kwon Do Training.
  • Be actively supportive of your child by watching them participate in class at least once a month.
  • Be certain to attend your child’s graduation.
  • Attend special activities with your child such as tournaments and school trips.
  • Be certain to carefully read all material your child brings home from class.
  • Reward progress with praise, no matter how small.
  • Work with us during the times your child is having challenges or shows disinterest with their training.

The importance of the parent’s support of the child’s participation can not be over emphasized. See the instructor if you would like further information on ways to help your child.