Karate Kids 8 Skills

Karate Kidz
The 8 Skills Defined

1. Concentration
The state of having complete attention to someone or something.

2.   Perseverance
To persist in any purpose; to strive in spite of difficulties. Never give up.

3.   Courage
Be brave. Face your fears. The quality of spirit enabling one to face fear, danger, and challenges.

4.   Intensity
The state of having great strength, force, energy, or feeling. Strong focused effort.

5.   Speed
The act of moving swiftly and rapidly in motion.

6.   Agility
The ability to move quickly and easily.

7.   Technique
Do your skills correctly.  The skilled manner in which details are treated or basic physical movements are used.

8.   Flexibility
Stretching easily.  Capable of being bent and pliable in various ranges of motion.